About Autumn

A Little About Me


My name is Autumn and I am a sophomore at the University of Louisville. I am a Louisville native from the Kentuckiana area. I am studying both communications and psychology while at school, and I am especially interested in communications strategy and public relations. After graduation I hope to pursue a job in this field and work for a company that I am passionate about. I currently am employed as a call center representative at the Louisville Water Company and have an amazing internship with the communications media team at the Center for Women and Families . I am also a member of Delta Zeta Sorority, where I have found the sisters I never had and the best support system around.

For this semester, one of the things I will be blogging about are various social media trends and topics that I study in my Strategic Communications class. It is my goal to provide insightful information about what is going on in this industry. Although this blog has initially been created for class, #Freberg16, I would love to continue posting about my interests, hobbies, and everyday life, possibly even after I have graduated.

Now, here are some facts about me and some of my favorite things!

  • I love cupcakes, especially red velvet
  • Baking and reading are my favorite pastimes (I have perfected the chocolate chip cookie)
  • Instagram and Pinterest are my favorite forms of social media
  • I own the cutest puppy in the world, pictured below; her name is Penelope
  • My favorite movies are Pride and Prejudice and Steel Magnolias
  • I love all things autumn: the changing leaves, carving pumpkins,  bonfires, and apple cider to name a few
  • To decompress I love watching make-up tutorials on YouTube; my favorites include Jaclyn Hill and Sona Gasparian
  • Jodi Picoult is my all time favorite author and I can never put her books down
  • I think humility and confidence are (paradoxically) some of the most important personality characteristics to have




I look forward to this experience and being a part of #Freberg16 along with my fellow classmates. I can’t wait to see what this semester will bring!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!




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